Logic Portal

Logic Portal is a best-seller in the Logic system.

The portal is flexible and easy to install since its measurements can be adjusted on the spot.

Logic Lignum

Logic Lignum is the predecessor to Logic Portal. The door solutions in question are quite similar, with the main difference being that the prior is completely wood-based. 

Aluminium frame

Logic Light

Logic Light is the perfect alternative for customers who want to create a sense of openness with their glass partitions or office modules. Doors and glass walls blend together in a seamless, elegant and minimalist fashion.

Logic Line - Pivot

Logic Line Pivot is the perfect option for customers who value design highly. The solution is precise and offers effective sound insulation. Logic Line is a door solution that consists of full glass and pivot hinges.
Sliding doors

Logic Slide

By using a sliding door instead of a swing door with the Logic system you can save much-needed floorspace in both offices and conference rooms. The door slides silently on tracks and can be modified to fit your needs exactly.

Logic Line - Sliding doors

Are you looking for a sliding glass door that saves space and blends in with other glass walls in the Logic Line system? We offer a range of alternatives. You don’t have to worry about losing valuable floor space and the door slides with ease and in silence on a track.
Glass walls

Logic Glass wall

The Logic system has its basis in a classic method for constructing glass walls. We bevel and polish edges to create a comprehensive and clean overall impression.

Logic Line - Glass wall

With our profile system Logic Line we create modern glass walls with mullions/décor.